Akshay Kumar gave a big surprise to his fans on the occasion of his 56 birthday, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is coming soon.

Akshay kumar surprised his fans in occasion of his Birth day he is celebrating 56 birth day. He announce his upcoming movie Welcome 3 is coming soon and in his Birth days his released teaser of ‘Welcome to the jungle’

Welcome to the jungle: Earlier it was named Welcome 3, now its name has been changed to Welcome To Thee Jungle. but welcome bake named was Welcome to Dubai. where Nana patnekar and Anil kapoor was in lid role but in walcome 3 ther are not casting this movie in place of them Arshad warshi and Sanjay datt has been kept. the movie is to be a comedy movie.

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ release date

Welcome 3 will be come in next year in occasion of Christmas it’s work has been continuing after 1 years we can watch the movie and other then comedy of Bollywood kind a lot of stat cast is to appear in the movie.

Akshay kumar and Ravina tandat will be seen togather 19 year later

Once up one time Akshay kumar and Ranvina tandat was in relationship it was hearing that they got married securely but some of misundasting they got separated. and Akshay come in releation with Twinkal khanna and at the end of they got married.

This stars will appeared in ‘Welcome to the jungle’

Other then Akshay kumar and Ravina tandan Disha pathani, Jacklin pharnandish, Rajpal yadav, mohan, Arshad warshi and Sanjay datt will appeared in the movie. this movie will be specially comedy movie and it will be sequel of Welcome.

Akshay kumar’s fanes distribute food in orphanage and child of Orphanage wished Akshay clapping before this Akshay kumar fans did this type of work in his birth day. we should to rate them for the work.

Akshay kumar went to see Mahakal in his birth day and wear orange color dress to worship he also lit a Hawan kund and performed worship Akshay seen in Mahak tample with his family. his next movie is coming ‘Mishan Raniganj’ the movie is based on real story about Ranigaj war. where you can see related to war seen.

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