Jawan Box Office Collection Day 3: Running forward like a bullet train

Shahrukh khan’s movie day three collection is appeared. listening got shocked ‘Jawan’ is flying away like bullet train why not because when Shahrukh khan’s movie comes fans are very excited to watch the movie SRK has millions of followers who loves him.

Jawan total box office collection:

Jawan opend it’s income with 75 carore in first day and second day 54 carore earned and third day income data is appeared. Jawan is beating Gadar 2 and OMG 2. even Shani deol hammer could not hit the Jawan also music of Puja did not work on Jawan.

Jawan left Gadar 2 behind

Gadar 2 opend it’s income with 40 carore in first day and second day 75 carore and after 30 day it became 512 carore and 28 days collection was1.50 carore after releasing Jawan 29 day collection was only 88 carore and 30 days collection was 1.20 carore and total collection reached 512 carore the movie has lunched 11 Aguste and ts has completed 1 month. The same Jawan earn 200 carore in just 2 days.

few days ago success party was organized for Gadar 2. lots of Bollywood actress reached there in new out fit if we will talk about lid actress of the movie Amisha patel had gone there wearing red color Thai Hai bodycon dress she was looking beautiful and Shani deol wore blazer and cap he was casual.

Couldn’t work magic of Puja on Jawan

After releasing Jawan Dream girl 2 7 days collection was only 20 lakhs and 15 days collection was 93 lakhs and 16 days collation it’s mean 8 Aguste collection was 1.15 carore and total collection became 97.74 carore.

Dream girl 2 also organized a success party for reaching 100 carore where Bollywood actors and actress arrived there and director of Dream girl 2 Akta kapoor had gone wearing very tite dress and she was feeling uncomfortable and hiding behind Ayshuman khurana and Ananya pandy wore a red color top and red color skirt.

‘Jawan’ day 3 collection:

Jawan opend with 75 carore and second day collection was 54 carore and finally third collection appeared and the third days collection bacame 74.5 carore and total collection became 202.73carore in Hindi language 177.73 caore in Tamil language 14.37 and Telgiu language 10.63 carore.

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