Malayka Arora spotted outside of the Gym, Arjun and Malayka broke up their relationship

Arjun kapoor’s girlfriend Malayka Arora is 49 years ole even she looks like a young girl. Everywhere you can see her with short dresses and stylish outfit.  Her boy became 17 years old after divorcing with Arbaj khan she is with relationship with Arjun kapoor  . he is 10 years elder then Mayalka.

Malayka arrived in Gym even rain

Malayka goes to the Gym every day wearing Gym dress and shorts. She became 49 years old but she still beat the age she is upper fit. Malayka has been sported outside of Gym center where she is holding Umbrella during the rain and taking water bottle.

Malayka Arora and Arjun kapoor broke up their relationship

It was hearing that Malayka Arora   broke up with Arjun Kapoor and she was telling about their relation that she cannot bear more pain and she wants to leave him. They are with each other from long time and they wants to married with each other’s guessing that they engaged hiding. But at the end of they broke up their long time relation.

Malayka is looking very prity in yellow short dress

Malayka spotted intron of a parlor where she was wearing yellow color outfit yellow over size shirt   and yellow shorts. She was looking pretty. But in the time she got affair blast of something and she went to the car running and she was crying like a child. That’s way people trolled her “is Arjun fall down” and someone said “she is 49 years old but she is behaving like a child”.

Mayayka looking Barbie doll wearing red gown in London

Malayka is in London where she celebrating herself and shared picture London hotel where she wore a red color gown it was torn from the bottom and she is looking very gorgeous in red outfit.

Without for that Malayka had gone to enjoy vacation with   her ex-boyfriend Arjun kapoor and used to shared picture of vacation with Arjun Kapoor but which picture shared of London Arjun kapoor wasn’t appearing in that Picture and people guessed that Malayka and Arjun aren’t with each others and it became true.

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