Urfi javed new dress experiment: reached the party wearing red color outfit made by net

Urfi javed is a social media influencer and actress she always explement with her dress and no one can dressed like her because you can’t think that she can made a dress by chain, Mobile, photos and watch. people trolled her not to wear like this type of dress but she doesn’t care of people reaction.

Urfi javed dress experiment:

Urfi is a actress in Bollywood industry she entered in Bollywood by TV serial and molding but she get fam from those things when she went to Big Boss house where she get lots of limelight. within one week she was kicked out from the house and she got dispersed what to do and what will be her career.

but she got up and she has a idea she began to made dress when people notice her and like her dress and began to continue her work.

Urfi made different type of dress by Mobile and pictures

she took two mobile to create dress and attached them with each other by a wire and hung it around her neck and mobiles are covering her inner part and wore a blazer over it. it became a dress can you imagen this.

Urfi made a dress by picture she took a lots of picture and her picture was made in pictures and she attached each and every photos by glue. and create a dress only by pictures.

Urfi made a dress from net

in the parry Urfi arrived there wearing a red color net dress red off soldier top and red skirt and it was covered whole body by net like people go to see for fishing this type of dress was this. and no one can’t comment about her dressings sense. she made this type of dress herself.

Urfi’s watch dress

Urfi made a dress using watches she attached all watches to create a dress after attaching all watch with glue her dress is complete. she can go outside wearing this.

people trolled her to wear like this

one up on time at the airport a man was speaking not wear like this type of dress who was working at the airport but Urfi replayed him open moth ‘i wear this type of dress what about your father.’ and people also trolled her in comment like ‘who gave her money to buy dress, she came from which planet, her brain is also empathy.’

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