Comedian Bharti Singh: Comedian Bharti Singh suffered serious back injury, had to be immediately taken to hospital.

Comedian Bharti Singh suffered serious back injury. Comedian Bharti Singh is a comedian actress and social media influencer also she has a you tube channel and she daily update on her you tube channel and she post about her daily life like her son her husband and her home Ture.

Comedian Bharti Singh: Bharti opted goes to the celebraty show, award show and reality show she had gone many time in the Kapil Sharma show she has started her as a comedian and she became a famous comedian women in India. their are millions of subscription on her You tube channel. when she said about that the shocking new her fans got warried.

Bharti Singh suffered serious bake injury

When Bharti said her west is injury her fans got warried and they are asking is she ok. and that time she got in the Hospital Bharti said whole the store of injury how she fall down and how it happed she said she- “was siting on the bed and i was getting my head massage and holding the mobile and my attention was somewhere else when woke up and suddenly i fall down from the bed and i hurt my bake”.

Also she said no one was able to lift her because of her fat

she said laughing when she fall down from the bed no one was able to lift her because she is too fat but her husband came there and took her Hospital. And admitted in the hospital the doctor said nothing is to fear she is fine but she will have to rest then she will be fine when Bharti was recrement laughing in the video her inner pain was clear appearing. l For the reason Bharti had to suffer a lot of trolleys. People used to troll her for her body same.

when her son lakshay (Gola) Bharti call him Gola when he was born Bharti had gone to attend the shown that time people tooled her -“how selfish is she she had gone leaving her one month child, this pearl has no sense.”

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