Kritika Mallik said shocking to whole family, Payal got angry

Aarman Mallik is a social media influencer and youtuber he famoused by Tik Tok after banding Tik Tok he came in you tube and he sheared post with his wifes. recently his Second wife Kritika Mallik said a good new and every one shocked listening this.

Aaram Mallik Family: Aarman Mallik has two wife first one is Payal Mallik and second one is Kritika Mallik Aarman married with Payal by legal and married Kritika just like normal. Aarman has four child three child of Payal and one child of Kritika three son and one doughtier. thair are 7 members in Aarman’s family.

Two wife of Aaram mallik

Both the wives of Armaan Malik live together and also make reels and videos together. some you tube roster used to roast them that he had two wife how he control them like this. few days ago famous roster Carryminati had roost him Aaram got angry for this. and he her replayed carry you shouldn’t had said it like this. Payal and Kritika live like sisters sometime they are appearing quailing together in you tube videos.

Kritika mallik said a shoching new to whole family, Payal got angry

Kritika Mallik said a good new to whole family frist time Kritika said to Aaram that she is pregnant. listning this news Aaram became very happy but Payal was some upset she had to tell why don’t you tell me frist that Kritika said i wanted to tell you but you were in wash room so I couldn’t speak.

Tell you that Payal and Kritika born three Childs and even didn’t past one year she got pregnent again and peoples were trolling them for this. when both born childs in the summer season for clicking photos they wore sweeter to their Childs and not even a month has completed started sitting child for click pictures. and people comented them -“for money they can do anything, not even complete one month you souldn’t sit them like this, their west can broke”.

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