Urfi Javed prepared a dress made of children’s car and shirt, You too will be surprised to see this

Urfi javed is a famous social media influencer and actress she knows about her dressing sense she is on head ling taking her difference out fit. Urfi spot in Mumbai in Bandra road where she was wearing a pink color out fit which is made by only shirts.

Urfi creat dress taking those things you couldn’t think about this. she create dress herself she create dresses taking Water glass, Mobile, Cycle chain, Flowers and cars of child. for this people trolled her but she doesn’t care.

She says that when me and family was hungry no one feed us and total 5 members in my family only i earn money and take care of the house Why can’t I do the work that feeds my family? and i got limelight from this and became famous.

Urfi Javed made a dress by toys car

Urfi made a dress by toys car and took lots of car which was more color were included and she attached them with each others and create a garland of cars and she wore the garland in her west and in the top she wore top and skirt and carry hills she was looking pretty and braided her hair.

Urfi made a dress only by shirts

Urfi appeared wearing a pink color dress which was made by shirts she cut the shirts and shew every shirt and created a dress and Urfi name was written in the shirts and paps said her to walk when she was walk wearing the dress she was feeling uncomfortable and it was difficult to walk. After saying bye she went in.

Urfi sheared picture of luxurious hotel

She sheared picture on her Instagram id of luxurious hotel where she stay night . Frist one picture was she was wearing bra and penty and the second was she took picture in front of mirror and wrote ‘don’t text your ex’ when she woke up she look her picture gone viral Urfi became very surprise watching this.

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