Urfi Javed: What a wonder of fashion this is, came out fearlessly on the street wearing a net dress without top

Urfi javed is one headline ophten in Limelight. She is a social media influencer and actress also she used to conversion taking her outfit and her dressing sense. people knows her for strange dressing sense.

Urfi javed last time had seen on Split villa she had gone there as a contestant and defeated all the contestant of there and Urfi javed fight with sakshi trivedi a strong fight happened between both and Urfi replayed her open mouth- “Sakshi Trivedi right 1 millian followers and 2 millions like right, go and wash your mouth” and Urfi date with Kashish Thakur on Split villa 14.

Urfi javed viral video

A videos of Urfi javed is going virul fast where Urfi is wearing transparent net blue dress in the bottom she covered her body and her arm with net and in the bottom she had wore only net for covering her inner part she carry some blue cloths. and she divided her hair in two part and opened her hair.

Earring fall on the way of Mumbai

When she was providing posses that time her eairring fall on the road and sha was rising the earring. her dress was full transparent and how much bold look didn’t like and some people didn’t like her fashion and people trolled her that-Thanks only earring fall, talks a lot, and second users wrote please Urfi wear some good.”

Urfi wear transparent red hot dress

second dress also was transparent and net. she had covered her body by long longline shrug and she made her dress herself. and she wore a red color mask and her mask was look like Shilpa Shatti’s husband’s mask. And people compare them with each others that their mask is became famous and they became celebraty using mask.

people also trolled for her every dressing sense but she doesn’t care of them and she exprement with her style and fashion for the reason she quarreled with lot of people whether old people whether young man or any Bollywood celebraty.

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