Video: Sherlyn Chopra said that she was reborn 2 years ago, after knowing the reason people trolled her fiercely

Video: Sherlyn Chopra said that she was reborn 2 years ago, Actress Sherlyn Chopra is often in the headlines for her controversial statements and her personal arrogance. recently she sheared a video where she was speaking about her Kidney failure how she defeat the ill and how she Cassis was reborn.

Actress Sherlyn Chopra headline: actress Sherlyn Chopra often is in headline whether it’s her controversial statement wither it’s her love life or her personal life. some time she speaks against Rakhi Sawant and speaks fever of Rakhi some time ago Sherlyn is with Rajshee and Aadil Khan durrani and she was speaking Aadil is her brother and now she is peaking Rakhi is her sister that’s way people trolled her that she can’t live in one place and she trolled taking her dressing sense. few days ago Sherlyn spoke against Rakhi and now she is favor of Rakhi and she is saying Rakhi is like her sister and her friend.

Video: Sherlyn Chopra said that she was reborn 2 years ago,

Sherlyn sheared a video where she is speaking about reborn tell you that my Kidney was failed in 2021 and Dr. Sharad Singh, HOD, Head of Department, Kokilaben Hospital, he treated me. When I went to him, he said that I have only 3 months time. But by my luck I took rebirth. Kidney failure reversed.

people made fun of her

Rakhi Sawant has expressed on her video but people made fun of her and commented on her video one of them said “‘She is laying she sold out her kidney for i-phone 15’, and another users said so said ‘don’t try plastic’s kidney, leave with natural kidney’, and another user said ‘after reborn couldn’t be good person.”

Sherlyn Chopra is in the headlines these days because of Rakhi Sawant. Sometimes she starts speaking against Rakhi and sometimes she starts calling her her sister and friend. However, she is the victim of all these criticisms. But still she remains cheerful. Whatever she has to say and do, she does it boldly. Now in the latest video that has surfaced, she is also being trolled.

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