Nayanthara: Nayanthara could not attend the success event of ‘Jawaan’, said – I promise that…

Nayanthara could not attend the success event of ‘Jawaan. Shahrukh khan and Nayantara starrer movie Jawan is collecting a lot of money from Indian cinema and 400 crore crossed in just 9 days if we will talk about world wide collection Jawan earned crossed 500 crore in just 9 days. Nayantara is the main lid actress of Jawan and she couldn’t come to the success party of Jawan. what’s the reason that she couldn’t come there.

Nayanthara could not attend to the party of success

Recently success party was organized for the success of Jawan but Nayantara couldn’t come there the reason was that that day it was birth day of Nayantara’s mother that’s ways she had gone in Chennai to meet her mother and wanted to go in party but she wants to live with her mom that day and she to celebrate with her mom but Nayantara has sung a record virtual voice note for her fans and success of Jawan.

Expressed gratitude to the fans

She told i couldn’t come there but she thanked to everyone for providing a lot of love Nayantara said- ‘I wanted to be where there were so many people who have been so supportive throughout my career. I wanted to stay among them, but today is a special occasion in my family, so on this occasion I wanted to stay with the family and could not come there. I am reading all your messages. All I want to say is that we are overwhelmed by the immense love we are receiving for ‘Jawaan’. It means a lot to us. Thank you very much’.

Next meet will be soon

Nayanthar also said next time we will meet soon and she thanked to Shahrukh Khan that thanked to providing me this opportunity and it was fun and awesome the work of Jawan’s shooting it was full of interment. I’m not in Mumbai but your love and support are with me we will meet soon next time in Mumbai.

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