Shah Rukh Khan will do the third big blast in 2023, announces the release date of the film ‘Dinky’

Shah Rukh Khan will do the third big blast in 2023, Shahrukh Khan anounce a good new to his fans said release date of Dunki fans was vey surprised to listen the fact this is the third movie of SRK in 2023. Shahrukh Khan was live whole year and aurprising his fans providing bake to bake new movies and recently he said abou his upcoming movie Dunki.

Shahrukh surprised his fans saying good news

Shahrukh told in success party of Jawan where all Jawan star cast has come to goin the Party but Nayantara couldn’t come in the party because she had gone in Chennai to her mom it was birth day in that day that’s way she couldn’t come in the success party but she has left a virtual voice message to her fans she said- thanks for giving me your love and she thanked to Shahrukh that providing me this opportunity and thanked for working with me.

Dunki release date out

Shahrukh said about Dunki he said Dunki will release on Christmas in 2023. SRK’s new was appearing in the prty his hair was long and had tied of his hair. may be his new look can appeared in Dunki.

Shah Rukh Khan will do the third big blast in 2023, Asked for time to speak for two minutes

Shahrukh entered with claps and whistle when he went on the stage people was clapping looking at him but Shahrukh request his fans that let him speak for 2 minutes so that he can speak his speech and everyone one stopped and Shahrukh spoke his speech-“Thank you very much, the people who are here today have a very short time, so let me talk for two minutes and then we can shout, whistle and scream, there are many reasons to do so. Here Biggest thanks to the press, thanks to the fans…”

SRK will shine throughout the year

First movie Pathan of SRK has come in occasion of independence day the movie had earned approx 500 crore. And second movie Jawan had come in ocassion of Janmashtami Jawan is earning continue it is guession that Jawan can earn more then Pathan and record of Pathan will Jawan soon and third movie dunki will come in occasion of Christmas it’s mean SRK will shine throughout the year.

Tapshi Pannu will against of Shahrukh and And it is forbidden to share much news related to Dusky and the information about Dusky has been kept secret.

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