‘grandpa’s paint’, urfi javed wear new dress, made fun of

Social midea influanser Urfi javed is on headline taking any reason or her own dressing out fit opten. some people likes her and some of them hate her but urfi doesn’t care of them she always experiment with her dresses. and she appeared wearing new different dress income days.

URFI JAVED NEW DRESS: she always creat new dresses taking any thing you can’t imagen that she can create dress using any chain of cycle, flowers, mobile, plastic and glasses. some people thing about her she is intelenge and some people trolled her. some month ago famous desirer Abu Ahuja invited her in his party and he is very happy by Urfi and he gave her some new stylish dress and designed her dress also.

Urfi appeared In a black dress

she was wearing black dress and she create it’s her self in the dress she was looking god but when she was walking that time she is feeling uncomfortable and she was to fall once. in the dress whole body was coverd and she was wearing like maks nothing was apearing her body only eyes was appearing a little bit the top was coverd in the net. in button she wore oversize dress.

people reaction seeing urfi like this

people began to trolled her some people said making fun of her ” she came wearing her grand pa’s dress and some said who gave her money to by dress and some of them said “doctor Elephant forgot to wear his dress. but Urfi doesn’t care of them if some one said wrong face about her in social media she gives a blunt answer.

Urfi dressed like a padded sofa

now a days Urfi is wearing mostly black dresses. if you will see she had weared like padded sofa like hand of some one is holding her. and the hand is ladies hand who has applied nonpolished.

she has also revled about her personal life how people was trying to hurrahed her to intimate with them. she has started her journey by modeling and TV serial.

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