Jawan: box office collection day one, will be shocked to hear

king khan of Bollywood Shahrukh khan’s movie ‘Jawan’ has been released and fans are enjoying the movie witching in theater and is appearing like party hall every one is dancing in theater hall.

if we will talk about outside of theater fans is celebrating the movie in occasion of Indian festival ‘Janmashtami’ fans are breaking Dahi handi and wearing garlenf of flower of SRK.

craze of Shahrukh’s fans watching ‘Jawan’

every one is rating good watching the movie specially Shahrukh’s fans. it’s advance booking had started one week ago from 1 September and every one guessing that the movie can earn millions of doller and can break ‘Pathan’s’ record this is the second movie of SRK in this year.

‘Jawan’ box office collection day one

Shahrukh khan’s Pathan box office total collection was WORLDWIDE GROSS BOX OFFICE COLLECTION543.05 cr. India box office Gross cr. 654.28 cr. Overseas Gross cr. in world wide.

and now ‘Jawan’ box office collection is apearing day one about 135 carore to 150 carore. if we will talk about Hindi language ‘Jawan’ has earned 71 carore and in other hand if we talk about south Indian language approx. 84.50 carore earned in day one. however this is the first data of day one tomorrow will it’s first income.

advance booking of ‘Jawan’ is still on

tell you that from beginning to now advance booking of ‘Jawan’s’ is continue on and many states is booking ticket still now. specially Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi.

Advance booking is being done continuously in National Multiplex Chain Jawan PVR, Inox, Cinepolis. Talking about the figures of these three chains, advance booking has been done in PVR – 1,12,299, INOX – 75,661 and Cinepolis – 40,577. That means a total of 2,28,538 bookings of soldiers have been made on these three channels. In this, maximum advance booking has been done in Delhi NCR – 39,535. After this, advance booking has been done in Mumbai – 39,600, Bengaluru – 39,325, Hyderabad – 58,898 and Kolkata – 40,035. On the other hand, talking about the whole of India, a total of 5,17,700 bookings have been done for the first day of Jawan.

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