finally Akshaya Kumar starrer comedy movie ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ is coming in Christmas on 2024

finally Akshaya Kumar is going to entry on ‘Welcome 3’ we all about very well that Akshay Kumar is the greatest actor in Bollywood industry. he provide lots of movies like funny, action comedy, thriller movie and if we will talk about meaningful movies that will be ‘Toilate ek prem katha’, ‘padmen’, ‘OMG 2’. Akshaya Kumar is in Bollywood industry from many years.

Akshaya Kumar starrer movie ‘Welcome 3’ name has changed

recently Akshaya Kumar movie OMG 2 was streaming now on theater the movie is related to ‘sex education’ specially for school student. how student’s are falling in sex trap. and we should know about and get to know how to keep save our child from this. the movie is earned withing one week more then 80 cr rupees. and now Akshaya Kumar is going to debut on ‘Welcome 3’ the producer of this movie has raveled that the movie name will changed this time Welcome 3 name has turned ‘Welcome to the jungle’.

‘Welcome 3’ will come soon on 2024

producer Nadyadwala said about welcome that approximately movie shooting is on work and we are trying to finish our work. Sanjay Datt and Arshad Warrish also going to cast for the movie. but actress is not ravel yet. buccally Akshaya Kumar charged lots of money for one movie and he took more appointment in one year.

about ‘Welcome’ and ‘Welcome Bake’

Katrina Kaif and Akshaya Kumar was in welcome. welcome movie has come on 2007 that time the movie collection was very well. Katrina’s acting was also good. even Malika Sawant has been done good acting.

in welcome bake- nana Patnekar and Anile Kapoor was in welcome bake Johan Ebrahim and Shruti Hasan did good performance in welcome bake.

‘Welcome To The Jungle’ will come in Crismash on 2024

it is know for it’s name that movie more seen will in the forest. the movie will full of interment and comedy. Akshaya Kumar made everyone laugh a lot in the entertainment movie and now this time he finally returned with full interment. if we will say him king of comedy it won’t be wrong. ‘Welcome to the jungle’ will release in Christmas on 2024 first month.

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