Ashika Bhartiya, Jiya Shankar and Elvish Yadav went in the hospital to meet Abhishek to know about his wealth

elvish Yadav won the trofie of ‘big boss OTT 2’ every one talking about Elvish. at big boss house Abhishek was feeling ill that’s why get him to the hospital. some days ago Elvish and Abhishek was being cold war between them. Elvish won the trofie with lots of vote always he was going head from them. started journey was very difficult of Elvish but as on as he entered to big boss house he trapped all big boss members. and create a history through entering wailed card.

Ashika Bhartiya went to meet Abhishek in the hospital

now Abhishek is in the hospital. he is very ill and many big boss house contestant went to meet him. Ashika Bhartiya couldn’t have arrived top 5 contestant in big boss house. she had been gating out from the house. Ashika Bhartiya is a famous tik tok star and YouTuber. she has millions of followers in her Instagram account. she has started her journey like a Tik Tok influencer.

also Jiya Shankar went to meet Abhishek

Jiya Shankar had been gating out in that situation when Jiya was to arrived in top 5 contestant. Jiya became famous by her tv serial ‘Pishachini’. some days ago every one was telling about Jiya that Jiya is dating Abhishek but this was wrong because cleared whole confusing about Abhishek and her. she said that’s not so that whos you are thinking about us if you will speak like this about him and me his mother won’t feel good. thats why don’t speak about us like this.

winner Elvish called Abhishek to know about her wealth

Elvish called Abhishek to know about her wealth in the hospital. because after winning the trophy he had gone at her village to celebrate party with his friends in Haryana. that’s why he couldn’t come to meet him in the hospital. when big boss grand finale was live on jio cinema 71 lakh people was watching the show before every it was not happen.

Elvish moved whole system of India everyone said Elvish moved system. when Salman khan treated him Elvis’s fans unfollow Salman

how many prize won Elvish with trophy

Elvish won the trophy also 25 lakh rupees gave him. he entered ‘big boss’ house through wild card and 17 years no one won the trophy through wild card and Elvish break the record of 17 years.

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