As soon as ‘Jawan’ was released, fans created a ruckus in theaters, Shah Rukh Khan’s madness was a different sight.

finally Shahrukh khan’s movie ‘Jawan’ has been released in theater and most of crowd is appearing in front of theater. today 7 September ‘Jawan’ is released. ‘Jawan’ has been made by 300 carore and it’s advance booking hade been started since one week ago from 1 September. this is type second movie of Shahrukh khan in this year.

kind khan was looking very dangerous in the movie

what diroctor of ‘Jawan’ Atli kumar told about ‘jawan’ as he did like the same way. he is the famous director of south Indian cinema and he provided lots of block buster movie in the Bollywood industry. fans is very happy watching the movie and every one is to rating 5 stare of this movie. live screening was organized for ‘Jawan’ and Aryan khan, Suhana khan, Ketrina kaif and Shahrukh khan are spotted by papraji.

Shahrukh khan is playing is double role in the movie and his first look is appearing like actors he is beating villains and his second look is appearing like he is a villian.

Festive atmosphere seen outside the theater

people is celebrating outside of theater and young boys and teen agers is making fun and some one is playing music and dancing, flying color and people also was wearing garland to Shahrukh poster and his big poster was appearing and sporting him. since morning about 6 ‘o’ clock people was staying outside of theater and fans was chanting of #Jawan.

fans has celebrate ‘Jawan’ on the occasion of Janmashtami like this

Not only this, in a video a group is seen breaking Dahi Handi, in which all the group members made a pyramid and spread their arms in the style of Shahrukh Khan. Some people also did a flash mob. because in festival occasion of Janmashtami lord Krishna was borne that’s way Indian people is celebrating Janmashtami festival breaking Dahi handy.

why we celebrate the festival like this because lord Krishna was used to stealing butter with his friends of women’s house which made butter from the butter tree.

Rushed advance booking

‘Jawan’ advance booking hade been started one week ago from 1 September and people begain to take ticket from first day. The fervor of the fans is telling that the film will be seen breaking many records on its opening day itself. Now, it remains to be seen how much the film can earn on the first day.

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