This man has nude video of Rakhi, sherlyn said he wants to viral the video

controversy of Rakhi savant and her ex husbands Adil durani are not ending when Adil khan come out from the jail he is to be after sometime and now he wants to take revenge from Rakhi.

RAKHI SAWANT CONTROVERSY QUEEN: few days ago Rakhi’s best friend Rajshree, her husband Adil durani and Sharlein chopra called press conference to appeared her real truth that time Rakhi had gone Makka Mudina for Umrah. they said about Rakhi lots of truth relegated to Rakhi and both of three are included to exposé Rakhi. her friend Rajshree also told about Rakhi wrong fect she said that Rakhu used to disrespectful in front of people and she also said that Rakhi borowed money from her about 200 carore.

Sherlyn chopra said Adil has Rakhi’s nude video

now Shrelyn is on Rakhi’s side she said why she came to Rakhi when Sherlin is Adil during press conference that time Sherlyn has mobile of Adil and suddenly she check his mobile and found her nude video when she told him to delete the video but he refused her and said this is my personal meter and that time Shrlyn relished Adil is not good for me and she came to support Rakhi.

why Rakhi accepted Eshalimik religion

This process started when Rakhi Swant was married to Adil Durani. that time Rakhi leave her Hindu religion and accepted Eshalimik religion and begain to wear Gurkha and Abaya she loved him with heartily but he cheated on her and married with another girl even Rakhi didn’t leave Eshalimik religion even after divorcing him.

Adil call Sherlyn again and again

when she left his company Adil call her again and again. Ever since Adil was released from jail, he has been after Rakhi. he is appearing proved against Rakhi that she used to beat him for this work Rajshree and Shrlyn was also supporting him.

Rakhi sawant is a controversy queen of Bollywood Industry and opted she is on headline taking any issue whether it’s her personal life or Bollywood life Rakhi always keeps around of peoples. and some people support her and some people trolled her.

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