Suhana, Kiyara and Kareena became the face of beauty brand, looking very gorgeous in red outfit

Suhana khan is the famous star kid in Bollywood industry she is always in limelight she in not like other child who had party, drink and enjoy with friends. she knows about the value of money and doesn’t want to spend her time and money to worthless things.

About Suhana khan’s family

she is just 22 years old and she started her own bussiness for grow head and his brother also started work as a doiroctor he name is Aryan khan and he wants to be a diroctor and producer he doesn’t want to be a actor like his father. king khan is a famous Bollywood actor everyone knows about him wether it’s India wether it’s united state like London’ America and Dubai he has special entry to stay in Burj Khalifa. every one likes him.

Suhana khan as a farmer

Suhana is the matured girl and started her own bussiness and buy a land to start her bussiness and people is asking that why she buy a land. tell you that Suhana buy the land by 15 caore near by beach. no one ac say the why she buy this but guessing that she wants to build a farm house or some one says she wants to build a building. but for this work people is to rating her very good response.

if we will talk about other star kid they always gets drinks, party and chill with friends but no one captured Suhana to drinking and doing party. some time she hade to face problem’s taking her skin color and her beauty people trolled her she is not beautiful like her mother.

Started her own beauty brand

Suhana start her own beauty brand. she named it TIRA she became the face of this brand herself and more girl became face of TIRA. for branding she wore red color out fit and she was looking calcic and stunting. and she can speak English even Hindi very fluent.

Suhana became the face of beauty brand

few days ago Suhana Khan, Kiyara advani and Kreena kapoor were made the face of a beauty brand. and they are invited to opening the ceremony Suhana, Kiyara nad Kareena arrived there to promote the brand. Suhana wore red color Thai high slit body con dress it was off soldier fro the top and Kiyara wore a maroon color dress it was also of soldier and Kareena wore a black color bodycon dress.

that time Suhana was looking uncomfortable with them. it seemed Suhana is not feeling with Kiyara and Kreena like they were ignoring her she was there forced.

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