Aaradhya bachchan became Lord krishna in occission of Janmashtami, she was looking cute

Aaradhya Bachchan daughters of would universe Aishwarya ray Bachchan. she is just 12 years old and has knowledge of each and every sector whether her Mommy goes, she also goes with whether it’s party, family function or holyday vacant she always goes with her mom Ash.

Aaradhya transform into a Lord Krishna

In occasion of Indian festival Janmashtami she became Krishna avatar. she was looking very pretty in Krishna avatar. she applied black color in her mouth and wore garland of flowers and took a Bashuree in her hand. people liked her new look.

fans was stuck complementing that ‘why she became Krishna because girls became Radha not Krishna, why Aishwarya made her doughtier Radha and some of them said looking very beautiful becoming Radha’. but when thoroughly explored it was fake Aaradhya didn’t made Radha Even before this, it was made with the help of some photoshop.

Aaradhya Bachchan in Independence day

Aaradhya bachchan wore white color outfit in occasion of Independence day and she is singing our national song ‘Jan Gan Man’ she acn speak Hindi very sweet not like other star kids they cannot speak even thair mother toungh language like Kajol’s daughter Nysha devgan and Madhuri’s boys can’t speak Hindi.

everyone likes Aaradhya for her cuteness and her beauty she always polite behave with papraji and cameraman. and said Namaste holding her hands.

Aishwarya takes great care of her doughtier

where she goes she take her doughtier with her in party, ramp walk and function. Aaradhya doesn’t see with her father and her grand mother sometime she looks with her grand father Amitav bachchan. Ash love her doughtier very much and always hold her hand in public she never leaves her hand.

Aaradhya’s bachchan school is in top 5 school in country

She reads in on the top 5 school in country and her parents pay for this very big amount for this amount you can buy a car. Aaradhya reads in “Dheeru Bhai Ambani International school” in this school only star kids reads. Kajol and Ajay devgan doughtier Nysha devgan read here and king of Bollywood Shahrukh khan’s doughier and sons Suhana khan and Aryan khan and Ebrahim khan read here, Khushi Kapoor and Janvahi Kapoor also read here.

‘Dheeru Bhai Ambani school chares for LKG to 4 class 1.70 lakhs rupees and for 4 to 8, 4 lakh rupees and 8 to 12, 9.65 lakhs rupees.

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