The Wise Old Bird Story

The Wise Old Bird Story: Once up on a time there were a long Tree and there lived a flock of wild geese in a very long tree, they used to live with together and were very happy. One of them a old Swan was very intelligence and he had a lot’s of idea to increase their group and how to live he knows very well.

The old Swans always used to protect them and used to told them, we should always keep away from the Hunters.

One day Old Swans Notice that There was a small ceeper at the foot of the tree who was gorwing proparlly. he said…. to the geese to cut the creeper, it can grow, one day hunter can claim through this creeper can destroy us and kill us, so we should cut the creeper.

But the others did not pay heed to the advice, they said it would be a pity to cut the creeper also they were very lazy and slacker.

Old wise Bird said…..”But when it grow up” it can be hard and big that time it will be very hard to cut the creeper that time we can’t do anything so we should it now. again he said the other “We will see it” and promptly forget all about the creeper, not one notice this work to do it again. the old wise bird became very sad.

As Time passes on,

that creeper became very long and big it became very story and now it can’t cut, as the old wise bird said…. same it happed like this. anyone can see the creeper and could clam up on the tree easily.

One day Bunch of whole Swans went to look for food for whole day that time the tree was alone. A hunter was searching hunt to kill and suddenly he looked out the creeper and claimed up the tree. the hunter notice that It’s bunch of laughs here. And he threw some grains down and spread a net over him so that when he felt like eating the grains, he would get trapped in the net.

In the evening when the geese ruterned, they notice that some cereal are fallling down in the plane and whole of the geese withough thinking they pounced upon, the old wise bird wanted to warn they but they didn’t listen to him, even the old wise bird went to eat cereal too.

Whle the Geese trapped in the net, they begain to cry…..”Help us Please, some one Help us” But no one was in the jungle to save them

That time the Old wise bird said i had told you all to cut the tree but you didn’t pay heed now this is the ruselt to not listning to my advice and laziness, and now The Hunter will come bake in the Morning and will caough us take us at the home to kill us, They all realized their mistake, and said now what to do for fre from the net.

The Old wise Bird said listen to me carefully have an idea to freedom, “you have to do as i said!” When the Hunter will come bake, They will pretend to kill us so that they feel that we have been killed because hunters do not take dead prey or as if they have come to kill us. They will try to kill us all together, but keep in mind that we Everyone has to fight together otherwise they will fall into the net or we will all die.

When the Hunter come bake he notice, all the geese are death, the time whole flock of geese, Everyone flew away together or everyone’s life was saved and Hunter kept watching.

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