The Cleaver Crab and the Crane Story

The Cleaver Crab and the Crane Story: Once up on a time there was a pond and there used to lived a lot’s of animal and aquatic creatures, one of them was Crab, Turtle, Fish and a lot’s of creatures. but there used to lived a Crane who was very lazy and greedy he used only eat those fish who is very little and who comes to him.

The crane was lazy also was very selfish, He always used to eat food near the bank of the river or kept looking at the fishermen of the river to see if any fish came or cooked it and ate it. One day he thought And how long will this continue? I will have to do something so that I can sit and eat fish.

Time passed on,

The crane made an idea and began to plane for this, One day the crane went at the bank of river and started crying loudly, then a Crab take out from the river and ask him why are you weeping like this? what happen?

The Crane said “Brother Crab” i am so selfish, i killed a lo’s of creature to feed my bely , i should not had do like this type of work, i am very selfish and killer, so i decided to leave it and i want to be a sent, The Crab said “Brother Crane in this way you will die, if you didn’t eat anything you will defenatly die, don’t do this”

He said If i die like this, i accept but i won’t kill those innocent creature again that sit. after saying this he left from there.

After some day The crane again went at the bank of the river again started crying, att his time a Turtle and that Crab come out and ask again why are you crying? Crane said i had listen I heard from a father that in the next 12 years this river will dry up and all the simple living beings will die. You all are living in the river. This river will also dry up or you all will die. I am feeling very bad for all of you.

The Crab said this is very denjurious meter we will have to do something otherwise we all will die, Crane said if you don’t mind, can help you! Tutle said how can you help us? Crane said i will transfare you one by one river to another river.

In this according ot he crane plane, I have been able to take one stream of the river one by one, the water of this river never dries up, I have gone all the way, the heron of one river has lost its distance and after going a long way, I have not taken a big rock. They took away Samabho and beat him to death and ate them, the same way the school was moving or the crane went out without any food.

He had killed and eaten more then of half fish of Pound, One day The Crab ask, when my turn will come, i want to go with, he said…. ok today i will take you, come and sit on my bake, after going far from the pound he saw a various bond of creatures, he asked who’s bones are so rotten? The Crane laugh loudly and said these are your friends bones and And it’s going to include your bones too.

Crab understood, whole the plane of Crane, he claim and started pressing her throat hard, in this way Crab killed the crane. and come bake from to the pound, said whole the history of relate to this, whole the fish and everyone said thank you for saving our lives, And this is how Crab saved everyone’s life.

The Moral of the story we shouldn’t trust anyone blindly.


I hope you like the story, this is a Panchatantra moral story, them moral of the story is we shouldn’t trust anyone easily, if you like the story please, share comment and follow the page.

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