The Cleaver Monkey and the Crocodile

The Cleaver Monkey and the Crocodile: Once up on a time there were two friends they were very happy to live both together, they were very close friend one day, both of them went to search food, Crocodile went tot he river for searching food and Monkey went to the Forest for food, after some time searching food both come back home together,

The Crocodile was married and his wife and he used to live in a river, the river name was Ganga and it was very long and falling river and the monkey used to live in a Forest. One day The Crocodile Invited the Monkey for the dinner, The Monkey arrived at his home for the dinner and Crocodiles Wife cooked food for him, when Monkey riched at the home, Crocodile wife got greedy, She Thinks “he will defenetly testy”

After lifting home, the crocodile wife said his husbands, your friend will be very testy, I want to east him. but the Crocodile refused the advice of her wife, and said do not say it again he is my friend if you say this type of word for him, he won’t come here again he will be angary, so be care full ahead.

The Crocodile wife made an idea to et him, “She fall ill” when the crocodile come bake to the home, his wife said “I am very ill” i can be ok only eating heart of the monkey otherwise i will be die, the Crocodile got worried.

The Crocodile wife said if you didn’t bring the hear of Monkey i will die within two days, so do it fast, at last the Crocodile aggreged. His wife said him an idea to cough the Monkey, said her plane….”when your friend will come to meet yo that time you will cough him at the middle of the water, he can’t fled away from the and you can catch her easily and get hard water.

The Crocodile went to meet the Monkey, the Monkey come to him and said ‘ what happened friends at this time why did you call me’ the Crocodile said “Dear Friend” why are you wasting your time eating this useless food, come with me their are a juicy fruit tree outside the river, you should eat this type of fruit, but friend that tree is far from the river and the river is long i cn’t cross the river.

The Crocodile said cleverly “friend don’t very i will carry you on my bake” the Monkey agreed, claimed on his bake, Or both of them took some time to cross the river but after a short distance the crocodile alone drowned in the river, the monkey realized that he was drowning in the water and the crocodile said that he was drowning in the water. My wife told me or said that my wife needs your heart that she is very ill or that she will die, the city understood that she is in very big trouble, he cleverly deceived me or said.

The Monkey said “Alah Friend why didn’t you tell me before, friend we didn’t keep our hear inside us, we keep our hear hanging up the trees” If you tell me before i would bring my hear, Crocodile said where had you kept you hear, which one tree go bake tot he tree, he said i kept my hear other side of the river we will have to go bake, in this way they arrived to the another side, as on as they reached to the bank the monkey got down and claimed the tree.

In this way Monkey saved his life, he said to Crocodile “you have a big body but don’t have mind” and he escape his life from Crocodiles trap, The Crocodile had nothing to do but repent to his foolishness on being tricked by the monkey.


This is a moral story which is related tot he Panchatantra story, the moral of the story is we shouldn’t trust anyone blindly if they are our friends or not. i hope you like the story, please like, comment and share.

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