The Talkative Tortoise Story

The Talkative Tortoise Story: One up a time there was a Turtle who was very cleaver and proud, he two friends the geese of two swans, they used to live together at the bank of the river they were very good friends one day they went to search for food the turtle didn’t get anything’s and Swans found a lot’s of fishes and food they gave too the turle for eat, and like this their friendship became strong more.

The Talkative Tortoise Story

where the turtle used to live, the water started drying of there and And gradually all the creatures started going away from him and everyone started running here and there to save their lives.

Swans said ‘friend Turtle! we can fly, we will fled away from here and now we will have to leave this river other we will die hungers , so will have to leave, the turtle worried, friends if you will leave the river, so what will i do please think about me i will die too……. don’t leave me here along, bring me with you.

Swans said how can it possible, how will will we bring you with us you can’t fly like us, the turtle thought and a brilliant idea come over his mind and Bring a stick and both of you hold it on both sides and I will hold it on my butt and both of you will carry me from one river to the other while tired.

Swans said you will have shout your mouth! otherwise you will fall down and you can die too.

According to the turtles plane they did same, they hold the stick both sides and turtle took the stick with the teeth, they went to search for another river.

After sometime they arrived at a village, villagers peoples looked out them and started crying, “Hey Look” how the swans are intelligent, How are both of them taking that turtle with them, how intelligent these two are”.

As soon as he did not put on the gown, he kept shouting like that or in the end he did not stop crying or he said, “You are a fool, this idea was not mine for me, Buddha these two are not in my mind” as if he said to me like this. came out of his mouth or he fell straight on the ground and villagers cough him.

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