The Three Promises Story

The Three Promises Story: Once up on a time their was a young man his name was Jake, he was passing through the Jungle and it became night at the Jungle he forget his path and he was very trusty and searching some water , that time he heard a sound of crying…Help me, Help me. he begain to follow the sound and finally he reached to a well when he leaned into the well he found, three souls trapped into he well, one of them was a Tiger, a snake and a man.

They asked for help to pull up them, but Jake was very sceared and thing! If i save the tiger he can eat me, If i save the snake it can bite me, if i save the man he won’t do anything to me so i should save the man first,

Jake was the first to get the guy out of the Well, The man offered him, “If you ever come in the city, come to my home i wll be alwase your friend and help you if you need naythings.

Then he pulled the tiger, the tiger said that’s Good man! Thanks for saving my life and said If anything you need just come to my cave if you visit in the Forest, i will defiantly help you, and after that he pulled the snack, it said thank you so much to pulled me up and the snack gave him a Flute, when you need me just play the flute i will be there always.

After Long time,

Jake was going through the forest and suddenly he remained the tiger, he had spoken me one day that if i need something i can to his cave, today i should go at his cave, he arrived at his cave, the tiger became very happy seeing him in his cave and “he gave him water to drink or he gave us food so that the tiger ate a lot or gave” that some gold which was very valuable after taking whole the gold he return from the cave , came back from there,

He wanted to make some jeweler and things from all that gold. so he bring whole the gold to the jeweler, who lives in the city, whom he helped to get out from the wall, when he arrived to the jeweler, he was very heppy seeing him, but when Jake tell the whole story, why did he come here? when Jake.

When I showed all the jewelery to the jeweler, did he feel greed or did he remember that a few days ago the king’s younger son had gone missing in the forest, if I make him famous then the king will give me all the faith and One day the jeweler went to the palace and told the king that someone had killed his son and all his gold or jewelry had gone away. If you don’t believe it, you can see it by going to my house. I have been locked up, just as the king reached his house, the sailors tied Jake up and put him in prison.

Jake had been trapped in the Jail, then he remain the snake, who had spoken, “if you need some help you”, i will come to you just playing the flute.

Jake played the flute and the snake arrived in front of him and said the whole story to the sank, the sank made an idea to escape from the jail, and gave his the medicine of the snake, the snak bite the princes of the King and run away from there, There was an uproar in the palace that the princess had been killed by Sapna, but no one could cure the princess, then Jake told a guard that he knew how the princess would be cured.

“Let me take her pass, the guard passed this bat to the king and when he reached Rajkumari’s pass, he opened the door which he gave to the snake and Rajkumari became happy, then the king gave her even more or even made him free”.


The moral of the story is we shouldn’t trust anyone easily, and animals sometime And animals also sometimes have better friendship than humans, this is a Panchatantra moral story, if you like this story, please like, comment and share and if you want its PDF then please comment below.

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