The Tale of the Three fish Story

The Tale of the Three fish Story: Once upon a time, there used to be many mermaids in a river. they were very happy, their was a kingdome, their lived once a King and a Queen with their peoples, one day the Queen got pregnant and she borne three doughters, one of them was very intelligence.

Time Passed on,

They grow up, one of them was Noi, Alsha and the third one was Snow. Snow was very cleaver she can handle any problam easily and she used to work with her father some time.

One day she asked to her mother “Mom why do we lived in this river, why don’t we lived another river, there are lot’s of river situated beside this river also these are more clean and big”, her Mother said her politely ‘listen Snow we can’t transfer to the another river because we used to lived another river before but some fisherman know about us and they Or those mosquitoes have captured our very simple mermaid or have taken with them the face of which we are still water and have become silent from those people who have made their new home here so that we do not find any fog, that is why we are in some river. don’t go.

The Queen said, don’t go anywhere without asking me, got it. Now Snow grow up, one day she was playing with her friends, While playing, she reached the shore and saw some people and from there she came back and did not tell this to anyone, next agin she went to the bank to see the peoples, when she reached to the humans she listen that some fishermen were talkin “This place is full of many fishes, we will come tomorrow morning or we will collect all the fishes and go or sell them in the market, we will find very good dams.

Snow Listen to the whole face of fisherman, returned to the home, Sano gathered everyone together or told everyone the same thing or said that we will have to cross this river today otherwise we all will die because I told all these people to the fisherman that we will come tomorrow morning or we will all die.

We will go to die because we will have to cross this river today, some mermaids agreed with her advice and same of them reused her , told her that we have been traveling all these days, so we don’t want to move, what is going on today, we will not go anywhere from here. No one can enter this place because of our ancestors.

More than half of the fish went with the Snow and the rest remained in this river. Next morning fisherman came and trepid with the help of net Some of them were fish that remained in the same river.

In this way Snow saved their life, and she became the next Queen of the Kingdome.

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