The Ant and the Dove Story

The Ant and the Dove Story: In this story we have shared about moral story, there are many characters in the story as Ant, Dove and Hunter. The story will interment you, so make sure to read the whole story.

The Ant and the Dove Story: One day there was a story about a very simple letter which remained in a hole and all of them were very hard working or agile. they used to lived together happy if any problems comes that faced together, there was a queen of the group she was very kind helped others she had two daughters, first one was very nougaty but hadn’t listen to anyone even her father too, her mother used to tell he not go out from the hole but she didn’t listen.

One day she was playing with her friends and suddenly she came out from the hole and arrived tot he garen, there was a boy, who was who was watering those plants. she had looked a flower , she wanted to go to the flower, she wants to go through the boy but suddenly she cut him on the leg and whole the water fall down.

Plain water fell into that pit and the entire Chittiyo house was filled with water. Or if the letter floated in the water and went into another world, or if the letter came out of me, then the princess was floating in the river, almost all of her life was lost.

But there was a dove, who were looking everything, he felt pity, he cut a leaf and through it toward the ant, she claimed the leaf and she sated now and like this the dove saved everyone’s life. The ant said you safed our life anytime if you need something just called us we will alwes help you and with you.

They Thanks the Dove and leave for searching to other hole to live.

Time passed on,

The dove was started living another tree who were the close of the ant house, one day she rutern to the home after searching food but a hunter But a hunter saw that dove or started shooting at it, listening to the hunter’s voice, hundreds of ants came out or all of them jumped and attacked the hunter, which caused a lot of pain to the hunter or he immediately ran away from that place. Did this or that kind of ants also help the dove or save its life?

The Moral of the story we should help everyone, one day they will defiantly help you, we should live together with happy.


This is a Panchatantra story, which is related to moral story, here we discussed about ant and the dove, the moral of the story is we should help others, whether they help return or not. I hope you like the story so don’t forget to like, comment and share the story, if you need the pdf please comment on the bellow description.

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