The Lion and the Cleaver Rabbit Story

The Lion and the Cleaver Rabbit Story: In this story we have write about moral story, there are many character in this story, the main lid of the story is the Cleaver rabbit and the Foolish lion, how the rabbit saved whole forest animal life, this is what is shown is the story.

The Lion and the Cleaver Rabbit Story

Once up a time a mighty lion used to lived in a Jungle also there used to lived a lot’s of animal in the Jungle they used to lived happy together, one day the tiger came out from his cave to search food suddenly he arrived to at that place where all animals used to lived, locked them, they used to live All those animals used to live in a corner of the forest.

The Tiger started killing they and eating them, He roamed about freely, killing every creature that he come across. The animal were so sad so see so many of them killed for no use, so they come to the lion and said “You are our King, we want to spare you the travel for hunting for your food” so “we want to sent you one animal among us every day for you meal”

The Lion agreed and said but remember “One animal has to be at my doorway at launch time every day, i will kill you every single of you”!

After this there were peace in the Jungle, they started sanding animls to his meal one by one! in this way the Lion didn’t go anywhere for searching food, An animal was always present at its launch time.

like this The animals in the forest gradually started decreasing, he ate a lot’s of animal among them as Elephant, Monkey, Zebra and many more.

One day, a small skinny Rabbit was chossen to provides the lions meal’s. He was cleaved was made his mind to save himself. He walked toward the loin’s den, and started thinking to save his life that “How to save my life rom the loin”

He thought to save his life, the rabbit found a old wall on the way, and an idea came over his mind to save himself, When I reached near the lion, I said that I was too late to come, but the rabbit replied, I didn’t delay even when I came. There was a glare on the way as if a big lion had attacked.

He was asking us forcefully……..Where are you going? if you didn’t tell me i won’t let you go from here, that’s why we have to tell him about you, after listening this he started laughing and said to tell you that now he is the king of the forest you are not, and you will have to accept this.

The Lion got angary listening this, where does he live, Take me there and see who is a bigger lion than me.

Then The rabbit took that lion to that playpen. did we say to the rabbit that we will meet you here, just as we looked into the rabbit’s body, and the rabbit said that we will meet you here, we can eat more of ourselves, like this What he did either made him attack him or did the lion get angry or did he pounce on him, or did the lion die in that way or all the animals in the jungle were saved.


From this story we learn that we should not consider ourselves big or small and should live in harmony with everyone. How that little rabbit fooled the big lion and killed it and saved everyone’s life. This is a How that little rabbit fooled the big lion and killed it and saved everyone’s life. This is a Panchatantra Story. I hope you like the story, if you like it, please like, Comment, Follow and Share the Story. If you want pdf of this story so comment here on the below description.

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