The wise ant and the Grasshopper Story

The wise ant and the Grasshopper Story: Various Ants used to live in a big hole he hole was at the foot of the tree which was covered by the tree’s leaf and the hole was very large at the bellow and very thin so any insect couldn’t enter into the hole. they are very wise and hardworking. they used to do work together and any problems comes they face together.

One day a big cobra snake looked their hole, and entered their house, he started eating them one by one, seeing the whole things they called a meeting and got a solution, when the cobra comes again to the hole, ants made a pair and suddenly attach the cobra, the cobra get hurt and he didn’t

He didn’t come bake again, like this ants saved their life and their home too.

Time passed one,
After long time, they forget the cobra, one ant of them came out from the hole and arrived in a open place and he was searching food, he was a child, he doesn’t know that that any insect or any bird can cough him easily, he got some sweets and started eating there.

A Grasshopper was flying over his head, and he has seen that ant, the grasshopper was going to eat the ant, that ant seen the grasshopper and started running and coming bake from there. But the Grasshopper was following his, at last the ant arriver to the house and saved his life but the grasshopper flying slowly so that he could have know the hole of the ants.

The grasshopper know the hole of the ants, next day that grasshopper take a lot’s of grasshoppers to that hole, for eating ants, the grasshoppers attach over the ants and broke the hole.
some ants had been eaten by the grasshoppers and some of them them fled away from there.
And those grasshoppers warned them we will come bake tomorrow and food have been rady for us otherwise we will you, got it, ants agreed of their fact.

This way grasshoppers started coming again and again to eat food, and the ants kept their food collecting so that they can eat peacefully and didn’t hurt them.
This way it continued from long time, ants called meeting again and queen of ants said, ,

We will have to collect some insects first so that the bird will see them or eat them near them, then this simple bird will be able to eat the insect but this grasshopper will also be able to eat the food kept in the bag or in the same way this simple grasshopper will be eaten by the bird. . Now we will have to start working on this plane.

When grasshoppers came to eat food, a lot’s of birds arrived their to eat the insect and also they ate grasshoppers, and birds ate whole grasshoppers and whole grasshoppers diet. and whole ants became saved and they started living peacefully.

This is a panchatantra story, i hope you like the story, if you need pdf please comment me, i will provide you the pdf of the story, also like, comment and share the story.

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