Best Stories For Kids

Best Stories For Kids: We discussed in this post about good kids story related to Animal as Cat, Monkey and Turtle also we share about moral things in this post, I hope you like riding the story, what we have shared.

Best Stories For Kids

[1.] Talkative Turtle and Two swans

Once up one a time there were two Swans and one Turtle they were good friends, one day Swans were flying and going somewhere, the Turtle looked out them and called them where are you going guys… of them said we are going to look for food any pound. after telling that they left from there, like this they used to come to the Turtle to meet him and they used to bring food along too for Turtle.

Time passed on, Where the Turtle lived, the water there had started drying. and the turtle had no chance to live the pound and he made an idea and called his friends to him after some time Both Swans arrived to him and said…..what happed? why did you call us.

Best Stories For Kids

The Turtle said…. the water of the pound is began to dry so will will have to help me to save my life and will have to take me in other pound and river.

Swans said… how can it possible, how will we take you in other pound becouse we have no hand to bring you.

The Turtle said don’t very i have an idea……….bring a stik and i will hold the Stik, I will hold this stick with my teeth and you will hold it in your hands from both the sides and I will not even fall in it.

Swan said… thats an excellent idea, but you will have to keep your mouth shut, otherwise you will fall down in the plane, but the turtle was a little bit proud, the turtle said don’t very i wont speak anything and don’t need to advice me applying me idea.

In this way according to the plane of the Turtle they began to fly in the sky, on the way they got a village and some children’s, mans and women’s were working, suddenly they sow they flying away in the sky and they got shocked looking at them that how can it possible, that two swans were bringing the turtle, and peoples of the village began to crying ………. Hey guys, look how two swans are carrying the turtle, how intelligent these people are!

The Turtle got angry listening this and said ……stupid man, it was my idea, not him, as on as hi spoke he fall down from the sky and the villagers caught him.

[2.] Two Cats and A Monkey

One up one a time there were two cats they were good friends. one day they were going any were to play one the way they got a bread, at the same time both of them paunch of the bread and began to fighting for the bread also forgot their friendship and started fighting.

one of them said first of fall i have see the bear so i will take this, and the other said no! i have seen before so i will eat frist, in this way, the fight between the two started increasing.

both decided ……… we will go to the Monkey to decide the equal the bread and both riched to the house of the Monkey. they knocked the door, opened the door, and the Monkey said what happened, this time you guys are at my home.

Both said…. the whole story related tot he bread. That monkey also got greedy in his mind and said, don’t worry, I will do the work for you.

The Monkey bring a Beam scale and divide the bread in two parts and began to balance the bread, If one side of the bread weighed more, he would eat a portion of that side’s bread to balance it, or similarly, if the other side weighed more, he would eat a portion of that side’s bread to equalize it. In this way He ate the whole bread while saying small pieces on both sides.

And in the end there was nothing left for the cats. at the last both they shoulder had to fight,

So Moral of the story we We should not be greedy for anything, they should maintain our friendship.

[3.] The Cunning Mediator

The Sparrow made a home in Hollow of the big tree, One day he left the tree of the search the food, meanwile the tree occupide of the the tree. When the Sparrow returned, he found the hare. Sparrow asked the hare to leave the place”. But the Hare refused to leave.

They decided to got to the Judge!

Meanwhile a wicked Cat came and pretended to be a wise Judge.

Both of them approached the cat with their problem.

The Cat said Softly……..”I am old and can not see or hear very well, come closer and narrate your story”

When the poor Sparrow and hare within the reach of the cat, He Paunch of them and killed them both.

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