The Golden Fish Story

The Golden Fish Story: Once up on a time there was a fisherman who used to lives in a small village with his wife, they were very poor they don’t have food for eating, sometime they have to sleep without eating. he used to farming with fishing, and her wife went to other houses to clean the pot, in this way they earn money.

One day the fisherman went for fishing and one the way suddenly, he find a new pound which was situated at the middle of the forest, he went to the pound and look, there were a lot’s of fishes, which was showing under the water. The fisherman was very happy seeing it.

He came bake from there and arrived to the house and said his wife about the river, and next day both went to cough fishes and they cough a big fish, who were golden fish, the color of the fish was whole golden, they took it and bring it at his home.

The Golden fish was a magical fish and she could speak also, and she could complete their wishes, when the fisherman wife was going to cut the fish, the fish started crying and said…….” please don’t cut me, Let me go, i can complete your wish, if you need something just tell me, please don’t kill me”
Listening this his wife arrived to her husband running, she spoke to her husband, the fish can speak, the fish speak.
The fisherman didn’t believe to his wife, when he went to the fish himself, that time the fish spoke too the fisherman, please don’t kill me.

Fisherman wife said if i ask for some silver can you give me, the fish ” imidetly complete her wishes, some silver in front her.”, again she asked for some gold, the fish complete it too, and they she asked for a palace and new clothes, the fish “built imedettly a beautiful palace for her” and her last wish she asked for…..i want tot he queen of the palace and this village, the fish turn into a fairy and said you are not abale to be the queen of the village, you are very selfish.

Now i am returning the whole gold and silver, you are not abele to this things. and in this way the fairy took return whole the power and leave from there.
Again the fisherman and his wife became poor.


This is a Panchatantra Moral story, We learn from this that we should not be too greedy, sometimes this greed becomes burdensome on ourselves., i hope you like the story if you like please like, comment and share the story.

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