The Saint and the Tiger Story

The Saint and the Tiger Story: One day a man used to lives in a village he was very kind and intelligence but the villagers used to make fun of him they want to trial with him alwes, he was the sun of a sent, then he decided to became a sent that no one can hurt him again, he went very far from the village and arrived in a forest.

Looking for a place he sit here and stated Sitting at that place, he started meditating, after a few years the boy did not return. One day, after many days, he returned to his village, everyone then looked at him and started making fun of him, “Look, this boy has become a saint.” He was very sad. came angry.

The sent gain a lot’s of magical power and energy he can transfer anything.

The Saint and the Tiger Story

One the way, when he was going to the village he got a mouse, he was very injured he was bitted by the cat he felt pity for the mouse. The sage turn that rat to a cat, and like this the rat was very happy becoming the cat , the cat started going to another houe for eat milk and food, that time a big dog seen her and pounced on him.

The cat got seriously injured by the dog bite and the cat came to the saint, the saint seen her and he turn her into a Dog, after becoming dog she was very happy.

After long time,

The saint was going for take bath in river that time he got that dog injured by the lion’s bite, he became very angary and said “A lot has happened to me now and I can’t bear it anymore, I have to do something bad like this, these people will keep on harassing me, then the sadhu made that dog a big lion so that no one can use it or trouble him”.

Now Villagers stated make fun of the tiger because, “People believe that this tiger is just for our entertainment, it cannot harm our food, because it is made by a saint”, did the tiger get angry or did we think one day that the cows are not giving any trouble to me? I will have to work hard so that I remain always a tiger, I will make a plan one day or make a plan to kill the saint,

The tiger was coming to saint angary, the saint undershoot, Something else was going on in his mind, he suddenly uttered his mantra and said, “May he become a rat again.”

In this way he became rat again, the saint said you are not abele to be the tiger, i had give you powers for good work but did wrong things so i took return the power from you.

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