A thirsty crow story for class 7

A thirsty crow story for class 7: In this post, we have shared about thirsty crows story which is based on class 7, the story is about the Crow , who was very thirsty , in search of water he found a pot of water but it was half of If half of it was outside the water, then how the crow filled it and beat it is the same story which is told.

A thirsty crow story for class 7: Once upon a scorching summer day, in a quaint little village, a clever crow found itself desperately in need of water. The sun blazed mercilessly in the sky, and the crow’s throat parched with an unrelenting thirst. The crow’s name was Chintu, and he had flown far and wide in search of water, but to his dismay, all the ponds and streams were dried up due to the prolonged drought.

Chintu felt weaker with every passing moment. As he perched on a withered tree, he noticed a small pitcher lying on the ground near a house. A glimmer of hope sparkled in his intelligent eyes. Fluttering his wings, Chintu flew down to investigate. Alas, the pitcher was almost empty, with just a few drops of water lingering at the bottom. Desperation filled Chintu’s heart as he realized that he couldn’t reach the water with his beak.

Undeterred, Chintu started brainstorming. Suddenly, a bright idea flashed through his mind. He began picking up small pebbles one by one and dropping them into the pitcher. Each stone made a distinct ‘plunk’ sound as it hit the bottom. The water level inched higher with every pebble.

A thirsty crow story for class 7

Chintu’s persistence and ingenuity paid off as the water rose steadily. After dropping several pebbles, the water level finally reached a point where Chintu could quench his thirst. The clever crow drank the refreshing water with gratitude, marveling at the success of his creative solution.

Meanwhile, a group of children playing nearby observed Chintu’s remarkable feat. They were fascinated by the crow’s intelligence and rushed to share the story with the villagers. News of Chintu’s ingenious solution spread like wildfire, and soon the entire village was buzzing with admiration for the clever crow.

The village head, impressed by Chintu’s intelligence, decided to honor him. A special feast was organized, and the villagers gathered to celebrate Chintu’s quick thinking. The children presented him with shiny pebbles as a token of appreciation. Chintu, in turn, cawed joyfully, his black feathers shimmering in the sunlight.

The story of the thirsty crow became a cherished tale in the village, passed down from one generation to the next. It served as a timeless lesson on the power of creativity and resourcefulness in the face of challenges. The children, inspired by Chintu’s example, started viewing problems as opportunities for innovative solutions.

As the years passed, the village faced various hardships, but the spirit of Chintu’s story lived on. The once-thirsty crow became a symbol of resilience and adaptability, reminding everyone that even in the most challenging circumstances, there is always a way to find a solution if one is willing to think outside the box.

In essence, the story of the thirsty crow teaches us that intelligence, perseverance, and creativity are invaluable assets. It encourages us to approach problems with an open mind, explore unconventional solutions, and never underestimate the power of determination. Chintu’s tale continues to inspire and resonate with people of all ages, proving that sometimes, the most profound lessons come from the simplest of stories.

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