The Monkey and the Bell Story

The Monkey and the Bell Story: Once upon a time, there lived a mischievous monkey named Kapi in a lush green forest. Monkeys were known for their playful nature and love of shiny objects. One day, while swinging among the trees, he found a small brass bell lying on the forest floor.

The sweet, melodious sound of the bell mesmerized the monkey. He picked it up, mesmerized by its sound, and decided to keep it for himself. From that moment on, the monkey carried the bell wherever he went and was delighted by its charming tune.

As the monkey swung through the trees, the bells rang happily, and the monkey felt proud and happy. However, other animals in the forest noticed the noise and became disturbed by the constant ringing. The melodious jingle that had once enthralled the ape became a source of irritation for the entire community.

One day, a wise old tortoise named Kurma came to the monkey and said, “Dear monkey, the sound of your bell is disturbing the peace of the forest. It is causing inconvenience to others. Perhaps it is time to leave the bell and The time has come to find a harmonious way to co-exist.”

However, the ape was not ready to give up his beloved bell. He reasoned, “This bell is my treasure. It gives me joy, and I would not give it up for anything”

As time passed, the bell continued to ring and the other animals grew increasingly frustrated. They decided to seek help from the wise and powerful lion, Simha, who was known for resolving conflicts in the jungle.

Simha listened to the animals’ concerns and then approached Kapi. With kindness in his eyes, Simha said, “Dear monkey, true happiness comes from goodwill and consideration for others. Your bell, which was once a source of happiness, has become a disturbance. Now the time has come that Let it be abandoned and a more balanced way of living be found.”

Kapi realized the truth in Simha’s words and reluctantly agreed. He took off the bell and placed it on a tree branch, where it continued to ring softly in the wind. As the monkey swung in the trees without the constant jingling, he discovered a new peace within himself and earned the respect and gratitude of the entire forest community.

The story of the monkey and the bell serves as a timeless reminder that true happiness comes from considering the well-being of others and being willing to let go of attachments that could lead to harm or disturbance.


I hope you like the story, this is a Panchatantra Moral story, if you like the story please like, comment and share the story.

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