Nick Jonas fall down on stage

during live consort in New York. Nick and his brothers went to perform for a concert. where lot of people have come from different Countries and that time Nick Jonas and his brothers was singing song one of them was playing music and one of them was singing song. and that time suddenly down on stage.

fall down on live concert on stage

Nick Jonas and his all family have gone in New York to attend brothers concert. on stage Nick Jonas was singing a song and suddenly he fall down. Nick’s leg has trapped to backdoor. because backdoor’s door was open that’s why when Nick was performing and he was coming bake looking at ordains he didn’t realize that a bake door is behind him and suddenly his lag stuck in the backdoor and he fall down on stage.

After falling down Nick got up quakily

when Nick fall a Gard has come to save him but Nick got up himself as on Gard arrived there. and people is asking that is nick Jonas is ok didn’t he get hurt. and some people is he started playing the drums him that after falling he didn’t stop his concert and he got up and again run to his brothers and the started playing the drums. looking Nick’s perform people is began to rate.

Nick Jonas and his family also had gone there even his Priyanka Chopda

Nick Jonas

some people is saying that Priyanka Chopra is also was on the concert and even his family. because this is their family concert. Nick Jonas and his brothers Jeh and his other brother was doing live performed. and now this video is going viral on Instagram and twitter and social media not America even India.

some days ago a lady had thru a bra over Nick Jonas but Priyanka was staying there and she cough the bra and she didn’t let go the bra to Nick. everyone knows about Priyanka’s and Nick’s love story. Priyanka is from India and she is older 10 years then Nick Jonas. they had a child Malti miry Jonas Chopra. Malti Miry name is mixed with American and Indian culture.

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