Two Popstar said Justin Biber got married to get American visa, Broke the relationship of 8 years

recently two popstar said about his marriage life he got married with Hazily Biber to get American visa. and he broke up 8 year relationship with Selena Gomez. now the video going viral and everyone is talking about Justin.

Justin Biber got married to get American visa

two popstar said about that Justin married with Haily Biber because he doesn’t have American visa that’s why he had to marri with her. so he had to break up with Selena Gomez. everyone is watching the videos and trolling Justin for this. he got married with Haily in 2018. and people is trolling badly since that time. that why did Justin do with Selena.

their are two popstar is telling about Justin Biber’s American visa

two popstar say that Justin married with Haily to get American visa. but some people is trolling Justin to get American visa only he broke up with Selena. and the video is going viral people is asking about and people didn’t like this.

Two podcasters claimed that Justin Bieber dropped a hint in a song similar to Drake. Justin sings “Look, ‘Ariana, Selena, my visa got stuck in this. and Justin sing a song ‘love yourself’ after marring with Haily he had applied for visa after two month.

fans got angry at Justin knowing the information

Justin fan’s is telling that this is not true. ha had already visa it is just a ploy to gain sympathy. and fans is very sad now one of them said Barako Obama called himself to give visa of Justin he doesn’t know that Justin is the American popular singer, and other said he had already visa it was just a ploy to gain sympathy.

Justin said he got arranged married with Haily

Justin reveled for this matter he got arrange married with Haily Biber. becouse she grow up in Christianity and she knows that it was arrange marriage.I am quite sure. Now looking back, it is known that it was an arranged marriage, they had told this whole matter.

now Selena Gomez is happier then ever with Justin. few days ago it heard that Selena and Zain Mallik is dating with each others. but Selena reveled that that’s not so we are just friend nothing is happed between us. she is still singe.

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