Why Navya Naveli Nanda didn’t entry in Bollywood industry, reason said her mom Sweta Bachchan

Why Navya Naveli Nanda didn’t entry in Bollywood industry,. her mother Sweta Bachchan said black truth of Bollywood she reveled some hiding truth of about Bollywood and also reveled about her brother Abhishekh Bachchan. mostly member of bachchan family are in Bollywood industry but why Navya didin’t in Bollywood whether it’s her mother Shweta her grand mother jaya Bachchan, her grand father Abhishekh Bachchan and also his brother every one are in Bollyeood industry.

Navya Naveli Nanda’s mother didn’t let her go in Bollywood industry

The main reason of that Navya doesn’t go to the Bollywood because of her mother Sweta Bachchan. Sweta bachchan had spoken about ugly truth of Bollywood industy that when people used to say wrong comment and trolled him and some people likes him and some of them dfoesn’t like him All these things had a deep impact on her she was not abel to sleep at the night perfectly that’s why she decided she won’t let Nevya go in Bollywood industry.

Why Navya Naveli Nnda didn’t entry in Bollywood industry, said reason

She said she is not ok in acting and she is not able to do any type of acting so she didn’t choose in career of Bollywood but she is a great business women also she is brand ambesider of many product and company and she take care of her own father’s business. Navya is 25 years old now. and she became a great business women.

About Navya’s family

If we will talk about her family their are 4 members in her family her brother which is going to entry by The archies which is a web series it will release on Netflix he plaid role of Archie in The Archies websiries and many Star kidsd are going to devw by The Archies like Shahrukh khan daughter Suhana khan, Sweta Bachchan son Agastya Nanda and Shree Devi daughter Khushi Kapoor and. and mother is a also business women and her Father is a famous business man and Navya take acre of her father’s business.

Navya is so beautiful she is just 25 yeas old and she achieve success in just under 25 and paps comes to her when she come out from the house and goes with her in Bollywood party’s.

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