‘She is giving knowledge to people by getting skin whitened’, Suhana Khan is being trolled for her statement on Unrealistic Beauty Standards.

She is giving knowledge to people by getting skin whitened , Shahrukh khan’s daughter Suhana got trolled for her Beauty statement Suhana is 23 years old and she became ambassador of many beauty brands and she is collaborating with business, companies and beauty brands she had launched her own beauty brand it’s name is Tira she became famous in just under 23.

Suhana Khan unrealistic beauty statement: recently she appeared in Melovin beauty brand show where she had gone as a ambassador also Kiara and Kareena had gone three of them became Melovin beauty brand Ambleside their Suhana wore red color off soldier outfit nad she was looking beautiful but she was looking uncomfortable with Kiara and Kareena. she was thinking why i came here.

Suhana got trolled for her beauty statement

Suhana got trolled taking her baeuty statement she went in Arjun Kapoor show where Arjun asked her relegated to beauty tips question he asked about beauty “In this video Suhana is saying, “Our generation believes that beauty standards now depend on your self-expression and personality. I think we are now defining the word beauty with more layers and depth and also Breaking those unrealistic beauty standards.”

She is giving knowledge to people by getting skin whitened , peoples are trolling Suhana

Peiple is trolling Suhana that ‘Why she is trying to keep people people in dark. people trolled her that how can she say about unrealstick beauty “she changed her nose and she whited skin, and another user wrote she whited her skin and why are you saddening people, another user wore she is daughter of Shahrukh Khan thats why she is here otherwise what she did for coming here.

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